New Year’s Resolution!

Have you resolved to be more productive this new year? Maybe you want to be more industrious? Get things done?

Maybe that isn’t specific enough.

  1. Your new year’s resolution may be to change your diet. Cut out sweets. To exercise regularly. Fast weekly. Daily green smoothies. Play sports.
  2. Read more nonfiction, textbooks, Scientific American, MIT Technology Review, etc. Watch educational videos, TED talks, Singularity University YouTube channel, etc. Use Khan Academy every day.
  3. This year you want to find out how to earn more at work. You want to use your skills on the side to make money. Babysit. Mow lawns. Shovel snow. Trade stocks or real estate. Trade merchandise in auctions. Sell products at flea markets.
  4. You may resolve to play the guitar every day. To write fiction. To write music. To draw. To sculpt. Attend your place of worship if any. Spend quality time with family and friends.
  5. You want to get more housework done this year. Return your phone calls. Answer your emails. Clear your inboxes.
  6. You have a list of projects that you want to knock out this year. You want to fix things aroung the house. You want to write a novel. Develop an application. Sculpt a work of art out of garbage. Build furniture for the kids.

Maybe I guessed your resolution for this new year. Maybe you haven’t come up with one yet. If nothing else I believe a list like this could at least stir up the imagination for the undecided.

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