freeIPE Overview

freeIPE – free Integrated Productivity Environment

This is an attempt to gather as many productivity tools as possible into one user interface. A tool could be a task list, calendar, time tracker, or any number of tools deemed useful.

Currently the app is only a task list. The main menu has some tools listed that are under development.

The plan is to write or rewrite tools that all share the same relevant data. For example, a task list may have tasks that are also events to be displayed on a calendar. A time tracker may allow the user to select from a task or project list. A tool may display the contents of a project (subprojects, tasks, notes, etc.) in mind map form for viewing and editing.

When a few more tools are active, there will be a demo here for people to try. The “free” in freeIPE is free as in free beer and free as in freedom.

This is an attempt to satisfy a need that my wife and I have. We need a set of tools that supports multiple users (perhaps socially) and offers data synchronization (preferably both locally or over the Internet). My goal is to keep the project in working condition and, if possible, to maintain backward compatibility.

If anyone wants to download and decompress, it can be found on Although the project is not ready for production, the latest stable file release is available under the “Files” menu item. The latest development version is under “Code” using Git.